In November 2005, the Winn Feline Foundation announced the creation of the Bria Fund to accept donations for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) research. FIP is a fatal disease primarily seen in young kittens, with no cure and no effective treatment. Bria was a nine month old Birman kitten who died from FIP in April, 2005. Bria had the good fortune to live with Susan Gingrich and her husband, James Shurskis, in Harrisburg, PA. Susan is a sister of Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, and founder of the Center for Health Transformation. The Center provided a generous contribution to establish the Bria Fund. In 2008, the first Bria Fund projects were announced. You can help fight FIP by donating to the Bria Fund.
The Bria Fund For FIP Research
Bria's Life
© Susan Gingrich 2005

Bria was born on July 12, 2004. She was a Blue Lynx Point Birman, and she was gorgeous. Her registered name was Brieanna Jamie, Bria for short. Bria means "strong one" in Celtic. My husband Jim and I brought our little furry bundle of joy home the Friday before Thanksgiving. She fit in right away, as if she had always lived with the Gingrich-Shurskis household ...... read more about Bria's story (PDF).
Susan Gingrich