Winn Announces Five Grants Awarded in Partnership with the Miller Trust for Important Feline Health Studies

The Winn Feline Foundation is pleased to announce the award of five grants funded in partnership with the George Sydney and Phyllis Redman Miller Trust in 2008.  This year, $116,500 in grants were awarded for studies on feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, feline infectious peritonitis, and calcium oxalate bladder stones, among others.

  • MT08-001: SNP analysis in Siberian cats with HCM. Robert A. Grahn; University of California, Davis.  $18,086

  • MT08-004: Molecular basis of feline coronavirus pathogenesis and development of FIP in cats. Gary R. Whittaker; Cornell University.  $35,514

  • MT08-007: Is the lack of oxalate degrading bacteria a risk factor for calcium oxalate urolith formation in cats? Jody P. Lulich; University of Minnesota. $19,840

  • MT08-009: Unraveling feline stone genetics: Searching for associations between polymorphisms in candidate genes and calcium oxalate stone formation in cats. Richard E. Goldstein; Cornell University.  $23,615

  • MT08-015: Heritable progressive retinal atrophy. Leslie A. Lyons; University of California, Davis.  $19,445

>> Download the complete summary of the 2008 Winn/Miller Trust Grant Awards

Miller Trust Grant Awards 2008